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Cafe and Lifestyle


Situated in the beautiful Northamptonshire Countryside, a real hidden gem. Offering a unique shopping experience with a variety of exciting and individual gifts, home accessories and a beautiful selection of mens and ladies clothing including Dotty Hen, Pixie Green, Second Time Around, Luxe, Wix & Stix and many more.


The Harley Café really we pride ourselves on all of our food being homemade, and freshly prepared for you whilst you wait. Not only will you a receive a warm welcome from the friendly staff, the warmth of the Total Control AGA is heaven on these winter days. On offer everyday are a selection of freshly baked cakes, flapjacks, shortbread. Homemade soups are served with croutons and a warm bread roll, and paninis are served with dressed leaves and homemade coleslaw, and we have our classic bacon and eggs served with toast or in a panini, or why not try our daily special.


Saddles and Accessories

General Purpose Saddles Jumping Saddles Dressage Saddles Race Saddles Pony Saddles Saddle Accessories


Short Girths Long Girths Girth Accessories

Stirrup and Leathers

Stirrup Leathers Irons and Accessories

Numnahs and Saddle Pads

Numnah Saddle Pads Half Pads and Risers

Competition Accessories


Turnout Rugs Stable Rugs Coolers Fly Rugs and Masks Show Rugs Paddock & Exercise Rug Accessories

Boots and Bandages

Bandages Brushing Boots Tendon and Fetlock Boots Overreach Boots Travel Boots Stable and Turnout Boots Therapy


Nosebands Bridles Breastplates, Breastgirths & Martingales Reins Lunging & Training Head Collars & Leads Leather Care


Jackets Shirts Breeches Gloves Competition Accessories Tie Stocks and Pins


Joggers Beenies & Bobbles Top Half Jackets and Gilets Waterproofs


Short Boots Long Boots Country Boots & Shoes Chaps and Gaiters Wellies

Safety Wear

Hats and Skulls Body Protectors Hat Silks

Rider Accessories

Socks Gloves Whips and Spurs Hair Nets & Scrunchies

Animal Bedding

These products are for collection in store only.

Adding them to an order will require the order to be collected from the store.

In our store we also have an extensive range of Naf, Global Herbs, Equine America & Protexin supplements.

Local hay also available

Yard Equipment

Horse Equipment

Hunt Attire


Short Boots Long Boots Country Boots & Shoes Chaps and Gaiters Wellies

Hunting Accessories

Gloves Whips and Spurs Flasks Tie Stocks and Pins Buttons

We also stock Bicester with Whaddon Chase hunt buttons

Safety Wear

Hats and Skulls Hat Silks


Bridles and Accessories Head Collars & Leads Girths Stirrup and Leathers Leather Care

Horse Rugs

Coolers Stable Rugs Turnout Rugs


Saddles Bridlework and Accessories Race & Exercise Girths Irons & Leathers Blinkers and Visors Boots, Bandages, Travel & Therapy Pads and Cloths

Jockeys & Work Riders

Baselayers and Undershirts Race & Exercise Breeches Race & Exercise Boots Yard & Stable Footwear Headwear Body Protectors, Gloves, Whips & Accessories Jackets & Waterproofs

Racing Silks

Hat Silks Racing Silks

Paddock Sheets, Rugs & Coolers

Stable & Turnout Paddock & Exercise Coolers Fly Rugs and Masks


Casual Footwear



Smellies & Bubbles Leatherwork Belts Keyrings Dog Collars

Second Hand General Purpose Saddles

Second Hand Dressage Saddles

Second Hand Jump Saddles

Second Hand Show Saddles

Second Hand Race Saddles